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Setter Dump Volleyball Tutorial - YouTube

Learn how to dump the ball as a setter, which means to attack the ball as a setter on the 2nd contact (setter attack). This volleyball instructional video d...

The Dump: A Setter’s Biggest Weapon – The Volleyball Lounge

The setter dump is an offensive play intended to be a surprise attack from the setter on the second ball contact. Using deception, the setter jumps to set with two hands and pushes the ball over the net with one hand. The dump can only be done when a setter is in the front rotations.

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The setter dump is when the setter attacks on the second contact. The setter is most likely on the front row when dumping the ball. The setter dump is an important skill for setters that set from the front row because if the setter develops this skill, then this will be another way a team can score points.

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Setter Dump as Offensive Threat | ACTIVE

The setter dump is an attack in which the setter becomes an offensive threat to score points and cause a distraction to the opponent's block and floor defenders. It is often used as an emergency tactic for tight passes. The setter dump is a tip that is usually made with the left hand.

Volleyball Attack - Setter Dump - YouTube

A “Setter Dump” is a one-handed 2nd-contact attack by a front row setter attempting to score a kill instead of setting that second contact to one of the avai...

DECEPTIVE SETTER DUMP - Volleyball Tip Of The Week #7 - YouTube

Learn how to be deceptive when you setter dump by watching this volleyball tutorial video! This is a useful volleyball technique because it doesn't require ...

Youth volleyball: Volleyball Setter Dump Shot - YouTube

The key to a setter dump is to be sneaky. The sneakier, the better.You may be wondering, "How can a setter be sneaky?"Here's how:1. She'll keep both hands up...

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If the setter is coming from the back row, he/she cannot attack/dump the ball if any part of the ball is FULLY above the plane of the net GIVEN that the setter is standing/took off from in front of or on the 10 foot line. This means you cannot contact the ball above the net for a dump but you can dump if the ball is partially below the net when you contact it.

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Not legal if the setter is in the back row and the dump is considered a front court attack.