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Regulation Volleyball Net Heights: A Definitive Guide ...

Sitting volleyball teams play on a smaller court, and the volleyball net sits lower to the ground than standard volleyball nets do. The international net heights for sitting volleyball teams are 3 feet 9.28 inches or 1.15 meters for men’s teams, and 3 feet 5.34 inches or 1.05 meters for women’s teams.

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Volleyball Net Height: What is it for Men, Women, Coed and ...

Today for the men, the official volleyball net height which is measured starting at the top of the net, in the center of the court to the ground, should be seven (7) feet 11 5/8 inches. For those who use the metric system, that's 2.43 meters.

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Here are the right measurements for the net height: The men’s height should be 7 feet, 11 5/8 inches from the floor to the top of the net. The women’s height is 7 feet 4 inches from the floor. The Best Volleyball Drills To Train Your Team!

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For sitting (disabled) volleyball leagues, the net is lower to the ground. International net height is 3 feet, 9.28 inches (1.15 meters) tall for men’s leagues. For women, the net height is 3 feet, 5.34 inches (1.05 meters) tall. 6.) Youth volleyball net size & height. For youth volleyball, the regulation net height is the same for girls and boys (ages 11-12): 7 feet (2.13 meters) tall.

Regulation Volleyball Net Heights: A Definitive Guide ...

The net height is needed to measure from the ground. The height of net for men in outdoor volleyball international game is 7 feet, 11.625 inches (2.43 meters). And for women, the standard net height is 7 feet, 4.125 inches (2.24 meters).

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The regulation net height for seated men’s volleyball is 3 feet 9.28 inches (1.15m) and for women is 3 feet 5.34 inches (1.05m). Conclusion One of the best things about volleyball is that the volleyball net height can be modified to accommodate players of all ages, sizes, and abilities.

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The playing space is free from any obstructions to a recommended height of 7 m (23') from the playing surface. NET HEIGHT. FIVB, USAV, AVP, CBVA. The height of the net shall be 2.43 m (7' 11 5/8") for men and 2.24 m (7' 4 1/8") for women.

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Volleyball ground measurement according to FIVB. Volleyball court measurements for men's and women's are the same. The height of a men's volleyball net is di...