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Tennis: Variations of the volley, an effective defense shot ...

High volley. Unlike other variations on the volley, the high volley can be used to attack. ... For most of its history, tennis has been a game in which two very different styles of play have ...

Tennis Ep 9 | Volley Variations and Approach with Nick ...

Join Patrick Landy, Nick Jacques, ATP Tour Pro Rubin Statham and NZ Junior Representative Jack Chapman as they take you through Volley approach and variation...

What Is A Volley In Tennis?

There are two simple kids of volleys, with a few variations. A forehand volley and a backhand volley are the two traditional volleys. These are hit much like a regular forehand and backhand shot on either side of the body. One of the variations is a slice, where the player slices at the ball rather than meeting it square, softening the hit and having the ball land softly on the opponent's side.

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Methods: Seven skilled tennis players were asked to perform volley strokes under 18 experimental conditions, including variations in lateral contact location (forehand and backhand), ball contact height (high, middle, and low), and ball speed (fast, medium, and slow). A ball machine was modified so that the subjects could not predict the ball trajectory before it was released from the machine.

Tennis Volley Technique | 3 Steps To Volley Like A Pro

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There is little acceptable variation on volley technique as it is in groundstroke technique, so adhering within the exact volley technique will improve your results on the tennis court. tennis volley technique

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In some cases, youth and beginner tennis players will be encouraged to hit their backhand volley with two hands for better support. Half Volley. Players can hit a half volley as both a forehand or a backhand in similar situations that a volley would be hit: either as you approach the net or while you’re at the net.

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The two most common volley tips are "Punch the Volley," and "Keep a Firm Wrist." Neither is an accurate description of the actual volley motions. Now if hearing one of those phrases makes you volley like Tim Henman, I say great, stick with it. My point is that these common tips don't describe what happens in a world class volley.