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Choosing a Tennis Serve: Platform vs. Pinpoint - Racquet Warrior

The platform serve offers fewer movements before impact than the pinpoint serve. Given the difficulties many players have learning the serve, simplifying the motion gives you a better chance for success. More Consistency. You should have greater consistency with the platform serve than with the pinpoint due to the better balance and reduced movement.

Platform vs Pinpoint Stance | Tennis Serve Tips

The platform stance is generally considered a slightly better choice if you want to serve and volley as you can move into the court with more momentum after you’ve served. The platform stance tends to result in more of a horizontal action moving into the court more, where as the pinpoint stance is more of a vertical upwards motion pushing off both legs.

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RacquetFlex VIP Coaching: https://racquetflex.com/vipWhich serve stance gives you the most power? Which stance allows for the most accuracy and consistency? ...

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Tennis Serve - Pinpoint vs Platform Stance - Which Stance Is Better?There are two main serve stances in tennis, the platform serve stance and the pinpoint se...


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Tennis Serve Lesson | Pinpoint Vs Platform Stance

The "pinpoint stance" provides a little more power and speed. The "platform stance" offers better consistency. Much like in other aspects of the game... You've gotta make that decision on power vs consistency... Watch this video now to pick a stance and increase your aces regardless of your choice!

Tennis Serve Stance: Pinpoint or Platform Stance?

As a tennis coach, I personally prefer players to adopt the platform stance because your balance will be better and therefore your serve will be more consistent. As for the pinpoint stance, you need to have good body control in order to contact the ball consistently. You can try both tennis serve stances and decide which one is more suitable for you.

Serve: Platform vs. Pinpoint | Talk Tennis

Tennisone.com did a study of the differences in physics between the pinpoint and the platform stance awhile back. Basically, they found that you lose momentum and power into their serve when you use the pinpoint stance; however, the amount was so minimal, something like .003% I think, that they suggest doing whatever feels most comfortable for you.