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How and When To Switch Sides During a Doubles Point – Tennis ...

In doubles, it can get confusing knowing exactly when and how you should switch sides during a point. And this confusion is bad because it can result in leaving huge areas of the court open into which your opponents can easily hit a shot and win the point.

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Recreational doubles players should be able to play both the ad and deuce sides of the court. Still, everyone has a preference. Ideally, the partners will prefer different sides. If that isn’t ...

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Answer (1 of 4): In doubles you can stand wherever you please on your side of the court unless you are serving. However, you must receive the serve when it it served to you on the same side (right or left) of the court consistently for each complete set. You are allowed to change the side you rec...

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Your partner would typically switch sides with you as you cross over. When the point ends, you must begin the next point on your designated side. Doubles tennis uses the doubles sidelines and ignores the singles sidelines. The doubles court is 4.5 feet wider on each side than the singles court.

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When it is your team’s turn to receive, you can choose which player will receive the first ball. You must then keep the same sides for receiving for the entire set, though you can switch sides for the following set. If the server’s partner is hit with the serve, a fault is called.

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Players switch sides after every odd game, as in the first, third and fifth games, and so on. Players also switch sides at the end of a set if they're playing an odd number of games. If the total is even, players switch sides after the first game of the subsequent set.

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General rules, like switching ends after an odd number of games, winning by 2 games are the same. However, when there are 2 players on each side of the court, tennis rules change slightly. Doubles Serving Rules. Before starting a service, we do the toss with a coin or the spin of the racket.

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15 Must-Know Tips For Perfect Tennis Doubles. 1. Learn To Poach. Poaching is when the net player moves out of their position to volley away the ball. On most poaches the net man will move from the ... 2. Fake To Confuse Your Opponent. 3. Vary Your Serve Placement. 4. Serve And Volley. 5. Divide The ...