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What is the Circumference of a Soccer Ball? A size 5 soccer ball has a circumference ranging between 27 inches to 28 inches. A size 4 soccer ball has a circumference ranging between 25 inches to 26 inches. A size 3 soccer ball has a circumference ranging between 23 inches to 24 inches.

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Five Obscure Facts About Soccer Balls Ancient Soccer Balls. Soccer balls have the most ancient history of all sports balls, so much so that their exact... Soccer balls used to be more “headstrong”. Scientists found out that the Maya used severed human heads as soccer balls... Bladders Wrapped in ...

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Officiating The Soccer Ball. The English Football Association, in 1872, decided to give the ball an official size and weight, who described the ball as spherical with a circumference of 28 inches. This description stuck for decades, and was changed very little until 1937, when it had a small weight increase.

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Soccer Ball Facts. Selecting the right soccer ball boils down to choosing the size and construction of the ball based on the player’s age and league requirements. The younger the player, the smaller the ball in most cases. Cost is also a big factor in selecting the correct soccer ball.

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Match Ball used in the FA Cup Final of 1893. Wolves 1 Everton 0. Mass production of soccer balls started as a direct consequence of the English Football League that was founded in 1888. Mitre and Thomlinson’s of Glasgow were two of the first companies to mass produce soccer balls during that time.

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Eventually the soccer ball needed an official size and weight. That would be the job of the English Football Association. In 1872 it described the ball as "spherical with a circumfrence of 27 to 28 inches" (68.6 cm to 71.1 cm).

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Interesting Soccer Facts: In the early 1800s soccer was invented in Newgate Prison in London by prisoners who had been punished for stealing. Their punishment had been to have their hands cut off. A soccer ball has 32 panels; each one represents one of the 32 countries in Europe.

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1. The earliest game that resembled association football in history is the Chinese game cuju. The history of the sport... 2. Early alternatives to association football balls include animal skins, skulls, pig bladders, and more. 3. The oldest professional football club in the world still in ...