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In soccer, you score with your feet and are penalized for touching the ball with your hands. basketball is 5 on 5 and any player can go anywhere on the court,…soccer is 11 on 11. Basketball is played indoors (officially) and soccer is played outdoors (officially). I could go on,…but you get the jist.

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Hire writer. One of the main differences on both these sports in my mind is that football is only a sport played in the United States, while soccer is a worldwide know sport. Soccer means alot in many countries all over the world, and theres tournaments that bring every teams all over the world together.

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Even though football is played all over America, soccer is played all over the world. Soccer is an international sport while football is only played in the United States. Overall, soccer is played in more places than football. Soccer and Football are completely different sports.

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Compare And Contrast Super Bowl And World Cup. There is reasoning for such a sizeable contrast in numbers. One of them being that soccer is televised and played worldwide. While football is only played in the U.S. and only televised to some other countries. The World Cup is the most watched sporting event across everything including the olympics.

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American football goes by four 15 minute quarters while soccer goes by two 45 minute halves. Time in football is counted down and is stopped for reasons like timeouts or incomplete passes. In soccer, you time is counted upward and never stops. Soccer and American football each have their own professional league.

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Compare And Contrast Soccer And Football. When it comes to comparing and contrasting between soccer and football it is pretty simple to spot the differences and similarities. There are a few similarities between soccer and football there are far more small and big differences. Some of the main similarities are the number of players on field‚ the number of referees on and the size of the field.

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The most controversial issue that a soccer fan will differentiate between soccer and American football is that soccer is played mainly by kicking the ball and it is only allowed to the goalkeeper...

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Comparison And Contrast Essay College Football Vs. Dec 07, · College football is starting to appeal to more people because it is cheaper to watch and attend. The average division 1 football team charges anywhere from 49 to $ compared to to $ in the NFL. As the world shifts into a more expensive era, college football has .