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ibed789,Previously difficult to screen dry/wet including sticky and abrasive material with round vibrating screener is now easily achieved with the new dual deck horizontal vibrating screen i.e. Linea SIVTEK. The unique, single to dual convertible screening deck design of the horizontal screening machine ensures high screening efficiency and boosts productivity.

Being the largest screening machine manufacturer, derry city provides best quality rectangular separators to screen, grade, de-lump, de-water any bulk solid or slurry.
This rectangular sieve is invented to handle high feed flow, where the application needs to be screened in huge capacity. It supplies maximum throughput with accurate gradation.

The linear design of Linea SIVTEK gives it the advantage to free flow the application to screen effectively. ,gay online games

Linea SIVTEK is having two vibratory motors mounted on both sides of the sieving equipment to ensure proper vibration is achieved.,football/soccer match livescore

This linear vibrating sieve machine comes with an easy clamping system that allows the operator to easily clean the mesh if required. The Linear vibratory screen separator can also be customized with CIP system to clean the mesh easily compared to manual cleaning. ,tennis net atp


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soccer quiz pe,Due to its larger screening area, it gives high efficiency of the material while sieving.

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Accurate gradation of material results in a high-quality final product.,bet365 online

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Linea SIvtek is ready to give the highest throughput compared to traditional sifters.,bet365 online

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